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Behaviour for Learning

We believe that all pupils at SS Simon and Jude CE Primary School have a right to education, care, safety and an opportunity to develop and enjoy good relationships. We also believe that all staff should have a right to teach and support pupils’ education in a calm and purposeful atmosphere. We recognise that a clearly defined behaviour system will assist in developing a positive, supportive atmosphere, conducive to successful learning. It will encourage independence, self reliance and ultimately self-discipline and a sense of responsibility.

In order to achieve this at SS Simon and Jude CE Primary, we have agreed a core set of values. All members of the school community lead their lives in line with these values. They are embedded within school and are an integral part of our community.

Positive Rewards

The school recognises that praise is key to making pupils feel valued and ensuring that their work and efforts are celebrated. Whilst it is important to receive praise from teachers, the school also understands that peer praise is effective for creating a positive and fun environment, and value amongst pupils.

When giving praise, teachers ensure they define the behaviour that is being rewarded and that praise is given immediately following the desired behaviour. Praise is related to the behaviours that pupils demonstrate, and the way is which it is given can be varied i.e. a smile;  positive comments such as “well-done;” class dojos etc. Praise should always be sincere and never followed by immediate criticism. Teachers should also encourage pupils to praise their peers if they see them modelling acceptable behaviour.

The poster below gives an overview of the different positive rewards that are used at SSSJ.

Growth Mindset

At SSSJ, we develop a growth mindset in our pupils. We believe a positive growth mindset is essential in developing effective learners. Having a growth mindset enables pupils to focus on their learning by adapting their approach until they achieve the learning intention. This approach is in line with our school values.

The poster below details some key phrases that pupils may explore when learning.

Behaviour consequence system

The ‘Good to be Green’ behaviour management system is an effective tool used to track pupils across school who may find it difficult to adhere to school values. It also promotes positive behaviour within the classroom as it recognises pupils who consistently behave in an appropriate manner.

All pupils have three cards (green, yellow and red) which are displayed within each classroom. The cards relate to the consistent management of behaviour. Pupils may be asked to change their cards from green to yellow / red depending on the type of behaviour they are displaying.

At SS Simon and Jude CE Primary School, behaviour is categorised with the understanding that this is used effectively to determine the level of support that a child may need. If we do not manage behaviour well, we will not be able to provide children with the quality of education they deserve.

Behaviour is categorised under the following sections: child on child abuse; low level disruption; unacceptable behaviour; challenging behaviour. More information linked to these categories can be found in the ‘Behaviour and Self Esteem’ policy on the polices page.

Below is a poster detailing the consequence system.