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Times Tables Rock Stars

Times Tables Rock Stars is a carefully sequenced programme of daily times tables practice.

Each week concentrates on a different times table, with a recommended consolidation week for rehearsing the tables that have recently been practised every third week or so.

This format has very successfully boosted times tables recall speed for hundreds of thousands of pupils over the last 8 years in over 16,000 schools – both primary and secondary – worldwide.

At SS Simon and Jude CE Primary School, we use Times Tables Rock stars to learn and practise multiplication facts up to 12 x 12. Pupils are expected to know these facts by the end of Year 4.

Learning times tables is really important. After all, they’re the building blocks of maths, and with your multiplications mastered, you can do anything! Here are just some of the ways in which memorising tables can help you in school.

Learning one makes it easier to learn others

By starting with smaller times tables and gradually building up, children will learn number rules that’ll make learning other tables much easier. For example, once you know your 2 times table, you can learn your 4 times table simply by doubling the answers!

They help with mental arithmetic

Memorising times tables makes it far quicker and easier for you to work out maths problems in your head. Moving beyond using your fingers to work out answers, you’ll be able to use your knowledge to quickly solve any multiplication questions.

They can be used in real life

Knowing your times tables isn’t just useful for weekly multiplication tests – they also come in handy outside of the classroom! How much would it cost to buy three comics which cost £2 each? Simply calculate 3 x 2! Or how many chocolates are there in total if my four friends have five each? Work out 4 x 5! The possibilities are endless.

They increase confidence

Perhaps most importantly, memorising tables will give you confidence in their own skills.

Are you ready to practise? Are you a times tables rockstar?

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