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Home Learning

What is home learning?

Homework is a way of extending learning beyond the classroom. It is a way for you to further practise and to gain a deeper understanding of key concepts that have been taught in the classroom. Homework is crucial in encouraging you to develop responsibility and self-motivation to study independently. Completing homework on time and to a high standard prepares you for life beyond school.

Home learning is presented in two ways.

What is a home learning log?

A learning log is a way for you to record your knowledge and understanding in whichever way suits you best. This way, you can take control of your learning.

How will you present your learning? Which activities will you choose? Below are some examples of learning logs from year 2 and year 5.

Key skills homework

This homework focuses on key skills that you need to practise further, such as reading, spelling, times tables and handwriting. All of these have been greatly impacted by the pandemic, so the more you practise, the greater impact it will have on your schoolwork. Below is an example from year 3. You can find further examples on the class pages.

Always remember to apply what you have learned at home to your learning at school.