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Play Leaders

At SS Simon and Jude CE Primary School, we encourage pupils to develop as individuals. One of the ways we try to encourage this is a ‘Play Leading Scheme’. The aim of Playleaders is to introduce and develop leadership skills in Upper Key Stage 2 by teaching them how to organise and encourage other pupils to join in with a range of activities at playtimes and dinner times.

The scheme allows pupils to promote, develop and excel in all of our school values by interacting with and organising games for their peers, developing their own communication, collaboration, adaptability, responsibility skills and more. The scheme also raises the self-esteem and self-confidence of the leaders and encourages the younger children to aspire to be future play leaders.

By establishing playleaders, we are increasing the amount of physical activity undertaken during playtime and dinner time. During these times, a wide range of activities are provided from traditional playground games to popular activities and sports such as hula hoops, skipping ropes, basketballs and footballs with more equipment on way!

Playleaders encourage all pupils to take part and enjoy themselves in a safe environment. They also ensure that our play equipment is being used responsibly and shared. The playleaders all wear a blue visibility jacket, so they are always visible and easy to find by staff and children. The playleader timetable is displayed in Year 5 and 6, so all pupils are clear on their agreed role.

Playleaders help support the organisation and purchasing of playground and sports equipment. They also meet on a regular basis with Mr Jimmy Winteringham to discuss new games and play equipment as well as addressing any questions the leaders may have.

We are very proud of our Playleaders in becoming leaders of the future.