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Leavers 2020

SSSJ staff would like to start our tribute to Year 6 Leavers with a special poem…

We have been together for seven years,

Sharing our hopes, dreams and fears.

But in March, we were sent home to stay,

Learning online was our new school day. 

We made rainbow pictures and went out to cheer,

The key workers protecting those we hold dear. 

What should have been a time for celebration,

Became a time of worry and isolation.

But what we have learnt in a time like this,

Is what’s truly important and the friends we miss.

It has not been the final year we had hoped,

But we’re amazed at your strength and how well you’ve coped.

Hold on to the memories that we have shared,

Remembering friends and those who cared.

The class of 2020 will hold a place in our hearts,

For the courage you’ve shown from the very start.

You have carried on regardless during this period of change,

And continued on when things were strange.

You’re moving on to somewhere new,

Filled with the confidence you need to see you through.

From all at school, we wish you the best,

Smiles and hard work will be your key to success. 


Year 6 Graduation Ceremony

As part of our Year 6 Leavers Service we award nominated children special achievement awards linked to both their character development and learning.

This year it has been an incredibly difficult decision as all of the children have impacted on the staff and school in different ways.  Each child has made decisions that have made them the people they are today. They have all become great by rising to the challenges that Year 6 has brought.  Individually they have carved their own journey through Year 6 and have all achieved great things.  As staff we are all excited to see the next steps you take in your journey and we would like to take this opportunity to wish you all the luck you need to order to be the best you can be!

Without further ado – please click on the link below to start our Graduation Ceremony. You will need to click on ‘slideshow’ and then ‘from beginning’ to view the powerpoint presentation. We hope you enjoy viewing this with your child.

Year 6 Memories