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Ladybirds Nursery

Meet the team 

Miss V Platt                 Mrs A Tailor                    Mrs S Begum

A very warm welcome to the Ladybirds Nursery class page. The purpose of this page is to provide information to help parents in supporting their child’s learning at home. I would also like to say a huge thank you to all parents for attending your induction meeting at school. Within the meeting we shared some key documentation to help your child make a smooth transition into school. This is detailed in the links below for your reference. Hopefully the welcome booklet should answer any questions you may have.


Within the Ladybirds class, we follow the Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage. The link below is a parent information poster explaining the EYFS framework.

Development Matters

At SSSJ, we use development matters as a tool to support our planning. This details key expectations for pupils at different stages throughout the Early Years Foundation Stage. This is divided into prime and specific areas. The overview below details the expectations for pupils from birth to three years old.

Progress Check at Age Two

What is the purpose of the check?
The progress check at age two has three main purposes which are as follows
1. Partnership with parents: While practitioners and other professionals can support children’s development and wellbeing individually, they can achieve so much more by working together.
2. Action for every child: Writing down observations and sharing reports do not help children. Practitioners need to listen to the child, talk with each other and then plan together. Working together can make a difference.
3. Early identification: Some children need extra help for a while as they grow and develop – for example, with their communication. Other children may have long-term developmental needs. Some families may struggle and need support. Whatever the circumstances, sensitive early intervention can make a big difference. Children develop rapidly between the ages of two and three – practitioners need to be quick to support and identify help where it is needed.

School will liaise with parents when completing this check and will provide detailed information on the progress your child is making. All parents will be invited to parents evenings within the Autumn term and Spring term, and will receive a written report in the Summer term. Further information for parents linked to the Progress Check can be found in the link below.


Communication and Language

Within our nursery provision, the development of communication and language is a key focus. Baseline assessments suggest that our pupils enter school significantly below age related expectations. At SSSJ, we believe that the development of language is key to the development of all other areas of learning. Therefore we ensure our staff are highly trained in the development of language. School has recently achieved the ‘Elklan Communication Friendly Status’ and staff confidently use strategies from this to support language development.

But we need your help too. School will host parent workshops linked to the development of language and how parents can support this at home.

Monthly tips to support your child at home 

There are also links to some useful resources below from the Startwell centre, Bolton. The centre produces monthly tips for you to support your child’s language development. Click on the links below for further ideas.


Developing language through different routines

A great way to develop your child’s language is through different routines such as bath time. These routines provide plentiful opportunities to introduce new words to your child. Having a large vocabulary helps children to learn more as it is through words that they begin to understand the world around them.