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Eco Club

At SSSJ we empower our pupils with a vast knowledge of the world around us and strive to develop individuals who genuinely care about the world in which we live. Pupils’ and staff at our school care deeply about environmental issues and have a strong desire to actively protect our planet.

Pupils’ who want to be put forward to represent the Eco-committee are invited to show an interest and from there are put into a ballot. The results are counted, and our committee members are chosen.

The pupils take their responsibility of attending Eco-club very seriously and are keen to make decisions on how they can enhance and protect both the immediate school surroundings, as well as the wider world. They are encouraged to reflect and review our school environment, creating a vision to enhance it.

The committee actively work together with Miss Harper to reduce our environmental impact and encourage lifestyle choices to become more eco-friendly. Most recently the Eco-committee have planted trees within our school grounds. Other key priorities encompass climate change, loss of biodiversity and plastic pollution. The committee meet regularly to discuss plans, and these are then communicated with the rest of the school. As a whole school community, we are best equipped to make the maximum impact