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Our Christian Values

Here at SS Simon and Jude we encourage pupils to understand and promote our school Christian Values. We promote our Christian values through celebrations such as Christmas, Easter and Harvest, as well as collective worship, prayer and reflection. Our Christian Values are closely linked with our IPC learning goals and help the children to develop as they continue through school and their faith journey.

Building better futures together through…


Hope is a key theme for life at SS Simon and Jude. At the beginning of the year in particular, the children are encouraged to share their hopes and aspirations for the year ahead. Throughout the year, the children are encouraged to carry their hopes and live each day with belief in themselves and others.


Children at SS Simon and Jude are taught to show kindness and a thoughtful attitude towards others. We are sympathetic in understanding the needs of others in school, the wider community and internationally.


Children are encouraged to develop a peaceful state of mind. Peace is explained as living in harmony with one another.


Pupils are encouraged to self-reflect for what they are thankful for and to write their own prayers of thanks for whole school worship. Our harvest celebration places great focus on being thankful.


The children are reminded of God’s love for them and how they can show their love and compassion for one another.


The children are introduced to faith as an invisible force which lives within us without the need for evidence. The children begin their faith journey from the first day they enter the school.


Pupils are encouraged to forgive others and reflect on others actions with mercy and grace. Forgiveness is one of the many values encouraged through the schools’ behaviour policy.


The children are encouraged to go on a path of self-discovery. Children learn how to take responsibility for their own learning and personal development, as well as how to treat and respect other humans, animals and property.


Pupils are encouraged to promote British and Co-operative Values and attitudes of democracy, rule of law, individual liberty, tolerance of others and justice within the school and wider communities.


Pupils are encouraged to trust one another and have a firm belief in the school and its systems, resulting in pupils who are positive and confident in their learning.


We work together to overcome any obstacles, however challenging, to achieve our goals. We try and try again, building resilience which helps us deal with any disappointments on our journey to success.


Here at SS Simon and Jude pupils are encouraged to be the best friend they can be, to their peers and children around school, putting each of our Christian values into action.


Autumn 1 Autumn 2 Spring 1 Spring 2 Summer 1 Summer 2
Cycle A Thankfulness Compassion Hope Forgiveness Friendship Reverence
Cycle B Love Peace Perseverance Justice Trust Faith


IPC Links:

Thoughtfulness – Thankfulness & Compassion

Cooperation – Friendship & Peace

Resilience – Perseverance

Respect – Reverence

Morality – Justice & Trust

Communication – Forgiveness

Adaptability – Faith

Enquiry – Hope

Our Christian Values School Displays…