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At SS Simon and Jude Church of England Primary School we have a proud tradition of a successful Ambassador system where our pupils can take on a variety of leadership roles across the school.

The Ambassador system is highly respected by all pupils and our students are proud to wear their Ambassador badges. Our Ambassadors are positive role models who promote the Christian ethos and values of our school both in and outside the classroom.  

Our ambassadors all receive guidance and training before beginning their responsibilities within the school. Each group of ambassadors have a captain who is responsible for overseeing and leading their team.  

The Teams  

Lunchtime Ambassadors ensure the dinner hall is a functional, clean and enjoyable environment for all pupils.

Playtime ambassadors ensure that all pupils are engaged in fun activities.

Library Ambassadors are responsible for running the Library in the shared area. They ensure the schools books are well cared for and looked after.

Administration Ambassadors are responsible for office-based duties. Pupils are assigned to the Principal, Deputy Principal, Assistant Principals, and Reception offices. They are responsible for organising paperwork and ensuring messages are delivered across the school.

In addition to the above roles and responsibilities, all our ambassadors play an important role in supporting school events such as Parents’ Evenings, Parent Workshops, Stay and Play Sessions and many more.  

We understand how important it is to give pupils the opportunity to take on a leadership role and are given responsibilities to grow spiritually. From this, we know that our pupils are ready to be the leaders of tomorrow.   

Please find the link to the Ambassador application pack below.