Parent Workshops

Knowledge, Skills and Understanding

We invited the Parents from Mileposts 2 and 3 to come into school to learn more about IPC. In this session we covered Knowledge, Skills and Understanding; what each of these mean and how our children are developing these elements through the different IPC tasks they are given.

It was a great session with many parents showing up, keen to find out more about IPC. We had some excellent feedback at the end of the session and the number of parents who come in is growing week by week.



International Mindedness

Personal Learning Goals

Lots of parents wanted to know more about the Personal Learning Goals. They wanted to understand what they mean and how we use them every day in school. They told us that their children come home and use words like “Communication,” “Resilience,” and “Respect.”

We introduced Parents to Ozzie the Octopus and explained how important he is. We explained that children are rewarded each week for showing any of the 8 personal learning goals.


The Brain