Our RE Curriculum

RE is an essential and incredibly important part of the curriculum at SSSJ. RE is taught as a discreet subject once a week for an hour in KS1 and Early Years and 1 hour 15 minutes for KS2. Our curriculum covers a range of faiths with a Christian basis. In Nursery and Reception child led learning allows the children to explore artefacts related to their half term topic, encouraging the children to ask questions and share stories. Lessons throughout school are planned to be engaging and allow the children to openly share their faith.  Across KS1 and KS2, a yearly overview ensures children cover a wide variety of topics and themes which are in turn linked to our Christian values.

Marking and feedback

Children’s work is marked and feedback provided with the same quality and expectations as English. Pupils are given opportunities to reflect on their learning and encouraged to deepen their thinking through the use of key questions.

Class books

Each child in the class has their own personal exercise book for them to complete written tasks. In addition, each class has a ‘big book’ which can be used to display work and photos from collaborative tasks.

R.E Displays

Each class has a dedicated area for their RE display, showing work from the term. The displays are changed regularly and often added to as the children’s learning expands and progresses. Key questions relating to the topic, are displayed alongside work.

Our Curriculum

At SSSJ, we follow the Manchester agreed syllabus, based on the work of the Blackburn Diocese.

SS Simon and Jude CE Primary School RE Curriculum Map                         2016-2017


Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 2

Christian Value for Worship







Nursery and EYFS 2016-2017


I am special


Christmas (6 hrs)

Stories Jesus heard        (6 hrs)

Easter (6 hrs)

Friendship (6 hrs)

Special Places (6 hrs)

Nursery and EYFS 2017-2018




Special People (6 hrs)

Stories Jesus Told (6 hrs)

Easter (6 hrs)

Prayer (6 hrs)

Special Times (6 hrs)

Year 1

Harvest Unit 1.1

Non-Christian Faith Sukkot the Jewish Harvest Festival

Christmas Unit 1.3

    Jesus Was Special Unit 1.4

Easter Unit 1.5

God and Creation     Unit 1.2

Why is Baptism Special? Unit 1.7

Non Christian Faith Islam - Birth rites

Year 2

The Bible - Why is it such a speciall book? Unit 2.1

Non-Christian Faith Special Books

Non-Christian Faith Special Books (cont)

Christmas - Why was the birth of Jesus such good news?

Jesus - Friend to everyone Unit 2.3 Easter - How do symbols help us to understand the story? Unit 2.4 Why is the church a special place for Christians? Unit 2.5

Non-Christian Faith Places of worship     The Mosque & The Synagogue

Year 3

Harvesy Unit 3.6

Called by God Unit 3.1

Called by God Unit 3.1 (cont)

Christmas - God with us Unit 3.2

Jesus the man who changed lives Unit 3.3

Exploring the joys and sadness of Easter      Unit 3.4

Which rules should we follow? Unit 3.5

Which rules should we follow? Unit 3.5 (cont)

  Non-Christian Faith Rules for living    Jewish way of life Jewish Prayer

Non-Christian Faith Rules for living     Jewish way of life Jewish Prayer (cont)

Year 4

God, David and the Psalms Unit 4.1 Christmas - Exploring the symbolism of light (Includes 3 hrs Judaism -Hannuka) Unit 4.2 Jesus the Son of God Unit 4.3 (Includes 2 hrs Judaism - Jewish Sabbat) Exploring Easter as a story of betrayal and trust Unit 4.4 Are all Churches the same? Unit 4.5

What is prayer Unit 4.6

Non-Christian Faith Prayer in other religions The Five Pillars over view - Focus on Pillar 2

Year 5

How and why do Christian read the Bible? Unit 5.1

Non-Christian Faith Sacred Books Torah & The Qu'ran

Non-Christian Faith Sacred Books Torah & The Qu'ran (cont)

Christmas around the world Unit 5.7

Jesus the Teacher Unit 5.3

Non-Christian Faith Muhammed as the Prophet of Allah

Why do Christians believe that Easter is a celebration of Victory? Unit 5.4

Why do Christians believe that Easter is a celebration of Victory? Unit 5.4 (cont)

Exploring loss, death and Christian Hope Unit 5.6

Daniel - Did he make the right choice? Unit 5.8

Year 6

Ideas about God Unit 6.6

Non-Christian Faith Islam - Celebrations and Festivals             Judaism - Rosh Hasanah

Non-Christian Faith Islam - Celebrations and Festivals Judaism - Rosh Hashanah (cont)

How do Christians prepare for Christmas? Unit 6.2

Life as a journey Unit 6.1

Celerating the Eucharist - Why? Unit 6.3

Celebrating the Eucharist - Why? Unit 6.3 (cont) 

Easter - Who was Jesus? Who is Jesus? Unit 6.4

Ascension and Pentecost - In what ways do these events and beliefs make Christianity distinctive? Unit 6.5

People of Faith 6.7

People of Faith Unit 6.7 (cont)

Non-Christian Faith  The Five Pillars of Islam